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Introducing Sopo
Meet Sopo
Sopo Plays Twister ® Sopo will never get tired Sopo will never get tired playing UNO Sopo will never get tired playing Sopo helps out in the home Sopo helps out at your house party Opobotics Office - Main room Opobotics Office Research and Testing room Sopo will never get tired playing Sopo with the Disco Light for your retro parties Easy for kids to program Sopo Demo with Sopo At a show with Sopo At the show with Sopo At the show with Sopo Demo at the Show Sopo and Fridge Sopo will never get tired playing At a show with Sopo Sopo with spectators thinksopo.com The growing Sopo Family

Introducing SOPO SOPO at the Business Expo SOPO with the new Light bar attachment coming soon Introducing SOPO SOPO with Fridge Accessory SOPO and the wait program demo

About Us

It all started as an idea, just as anything always does. You see, we have built, and worked with robots, for many years, mainly to continue learning, and just for personal use. Then the idea came to us. Why not make robot platforms that we have enjoyed, available for everybody to enjoy. So here we are and to start things off, we decided to make available a robot platform based on, and inspired by, one of our old favorites.

QR Code to scan with your smart phone to get our contact information.Our business is located right here in the US. So take a look around our website, and if you like what you see, then like us on Facebook, and follow us on twitter. Be sure to keep checking back with us, as we are a growing company, evolving and adding new products along the way!

Ask us questions. Contact us today by filling out our simple online form, or scan the QR code and get our contact information on your smart phone.